Radiologic Technology Degree Programs

Man is an emotional character, and every now and then puts himself in a harm’s way for reasons unknown. He fights and hurts himself, results in broken bones as well as internal injuries. But how to detect whether the bones are broken or is it just the minor injury? This is where a radiologist might come in handy. He is responsible to make use of radiological technology and diagnose the seriousness of the wounds inside. You might not need to take a conventional degree to be a radio technologist, as an online degree might also serve the purpose.

The purpose of the radiological technology might be considered as an important aspect in the medical field, mainly used for taking x-rays and the destruction of cells of cancer. One might get an opportunity to be a part of the career as a radiation therapist, nuclear technician or radiologic technologist, depending upon the state or country you are residing and the employer as well. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics proposes that it is the responsibility of radiographers or the radiologic technologists to prepare and take the x-rays of the patients.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a radiologic technologist, one might be required to have either a bachelor or an associate’s degree along with formal training, depending upon the regulations of the country or state resided. In many states, it is important that the radiologic technologists need to be accredited and have an authentication of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT). You might also become a radiologic technologist by taking an online degree, thus you might not have to disturb the hectic work schedule.

Career Outlook

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, the amount of jobs held by radiologists amounted to 219,900, in 2011 jobs climbed to 220,540. There might be an increasing amount of hazards for the radiologists being directly exposed to the hazardous radiations. For this purpose, they might be provided with safety gears such as instruments monitoring the radiation, protective lead aprons, and other shielding devices along with the gloves. In general, technologists might be expected to stand for longer hours and are there to turn as well as lift the patients suffering from disabilities.


A radiologic assistant might be required to work full time mostly, depending upon the employer and the state resided. They might be expected to be available in case of emergencies perhaps on call, evenings and even on weekends. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that since May 2011, the average wage earned by the radiologic technologists was $56,760 yearly basis.

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