Forensic Nursing Online and Campus Degrees

If you cannot have enough of crime solving shows and novels then we suggest a career in forensic nursing especially if you are already a licensed nurse. If you dream to become the link between medical investigation and the justice system then a degree in forensic nursing is just what the doctor prescribed. If you are looking for a fast paced learning mode you can also look into an online degree.

In simple words, a forensic nurse is trained to tackle forensic evidence collection, criminal procedures, legal testimony expertise, and provide healthcare in correctional facilities. Often this role is taken by women already performing traditional nursing duties and they can enter this specialized division usually through training and a certification exam depending on the requirements set by the state or country you reside in. If you have basic knowledge of medico-legal issues and can test a crime site for clues then you can easily opt for such a course without giving any second thoughts.

Educational Requirements

You must understand that you will be required to put in a great amount of effort and dedication when pursing the forensic nursing field and a higher degree like Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) might be able to get you the best possible number of job opportunities that you rightly deserve. The school you opt for will tell you exactly what you need to get started depending on your state or country prerequisites. It is often so that you are required to have years of experience as a registered nurse before you can enter the advanced forensic nursing degree or certification. Whether it is a bachelors or a masters degree, the duration will depend on the choice of your school be it on-campus or online.

Career Outlook

With a degree in forensic science you can aim to finding an intriguing job of a correctional nursing specialist, this might give you the chance to find a placement within jails, prisons, juvenile offender facilities and other correctional facilities. Here you will be required to take care of chronically ill patients and aid their adaptation to normal life. You also have the option to become a sexual assault nurse examiner, this is specialized forensic nursing education and you will be required to provide comfort and care to victims of sexual assault at the same time being a forensic examiner.

If you have the welfare streak in your body, you can hope to become a forensic gerontology specialist whereby you will be able to create and raise awareness on various legal and human rights issues. Another very popular option that comes with this degree is that of a legal nurse consultant and you might go for this option if you are interested in law and the justice system. Here you will be required to aid attorneys in cases where issues like medical malpractice, personal injury, worker’s injury etc come to surface. Whatever division you choose to go for remember, you must harbor compassion to enter and work in this field.

Salary Forecast

Although forensic nursing education is fairly a new line of work, the possibilities seem quite lucrative. You might be able to find a better package if you are a registered nurse. The national salary data presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( states that nurses are extracting annual media wages of $69,110 and highest of $96,630 as of May 2011. You might be able to haul out a more appropriate salary package depending on the level of degree you acquire.

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