Healthcare Management Degrees

The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace and is now becoming the number one sector to employ and deploy resources to run this multi-dimensional field of work. Finding a job in this industry requires a good educational background and thus a degree is almost indispensable in this regard. One might also avail for an online option if he finds a conventional degree chaotic owing to his hectic schedule.


To run an efficient facility with hundreds of healthcare officials and patients coming in, day in day out, you need health care managers. These healthcare managers are the back stage heroes who make certain that day-to-day operations are carried out smoothly and that the best healthcare is provided to the maximum number of patients possible. A degree in healthcare management helps you achieve this very objective giving you in-depth knowledge of hospital management strategies, including financial, planning and policy management, and healthcare law and ethics.

Educational Requirements

One cannot neglect the fact that in order to gain the position of a healthcare manager you will be at least required to hold a master’s degree as the right kind of know-how for this field only comes with extensive study. None the less, opting for an associate, bachelors, masters or a PhD degree depends entirely on you. You need to identify the requirements from a registered government body that are prerequisites in your state or country. For example in the US one has to clear an exam after attaining the degree set by the American Health Information Management Association to become a Registered Health Information Administrator.

Career Outlook

BLS has already established, as of July 2012 that employment of healthcare managers is expected to wittiness an increase of 16% from 2008-2018.

This choice of career comes with a line of opportunities that you can aim to opt for including: hospital executives, consultants,  healthcare administrators, healthcare planner and even emergency medical services (EMS) administrators. You can choose to be any of the above or opt for associated career paths depending on the level of your education or more appropriately put your degree level. You will find this line of work jammed with challenges and this is best suited for individuals who are dynamic in approach and hope to improve the current medical system by identifying the loopholes and present potential solutions. Even doctors today are enrolling themselves for this degree in order to find suitable jobs in management departments.

Salary Forecast

According to BLS,  the median annual wage for health services managers was $84,270 in May 2010. This can give you a pretty neat idea of what to expect from this field once you graduate with your degree. The fact remains that the package you can expect to gain from job in this sector depends on the level of your education and the experience that pick along the way.

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