Radiologist Assistant Career Guide

Overview and Job Duties

Professionals will always be in demand in the field of health care because of growing illnesses and decreasing ratio of healthy population. These professionals due to increasing responsibilities are unable to perform every task for which they need assistance, may it be nurse for doctors’ help or surgical technician to assist surgeon during operations. Similarly, in almost every hospital and radiology department radiologist assistants are in great demand. They make work less hectic and stress free by providing utmost services to patients. If this career offers exactly what you wanted then apply for a degree in radiologic technology or certificate program today.

These are some of the most hardworking people in of health care industry. Radiologist assistants are advanced level radiographers who are responsible for supervising radiological procedure and care for patients at the same time. They work closely with physicians and use advanced techniques to diagnose illnesses. Some of their job duties include evaluation of patients to lessen the work of physicians, assist seniors with complex diagnostic procedures, perform fluoroscopy, communication with team members and physicians, and perform advanced procedures such as venous diagnostic exam and feeding tube placement. They must be familiar with all the equipments and machines in order to trace the readings and evaluate results.

Radiological technologists and assistants know how to deal with patients and lessen the burden of physicians to look after more patients at a time. In this profession, these specialists should take special care of accuracy and avoid mistakes of any sort.

Career Outlook

Radiologist assistants can lessen the shortage of professionals in this area, improve patient care in the future and attract more potential individuals to join this field. With an increase in the pathologies there would be a dire need for these specialists. Therefore,  employment rate would grow more with time. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this sector is expected to increase through the year 2012. Professionals in this field work in many areas of health care, like hospitals, large and renowned laboratories, health care centers and for private home care.


According to National Salary Trend 2012, radiologist assistants earn on average $64,000 per year. (

Educational Requirements

In order to work as a professional, one must attain an associate degree in science or life sciences. Later, students could easily apply for a degree in radiologic technology which would include management of diagnostic imaging equipment and performing radiographic procedures.

Most individuals go for a certificate program or an associate degree while a bachelor’s degree is essential to seek entrance in popular program of this field. It would include both academic work and training.

Moreover, work experience would at least be of two to three years. One must also complete clinical preceptorship to work in a professional environment. Candidates must also pass an examination prepared by American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) as to practice their knowledge.

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