Dental Assistant Degrees

Perhaps, one of the most primitive fields in the world today is that of medicine. It is probably as old as life itself. Since the advancement of technology and science, the world has come of age when people used to get treatment from magic, prayers and gospels to that of today’s contemporary equipment that aims to provide relief to those in pain. You can either go for an online degree in this field or a regular one depending on your time needs and pocket.


The world today is highly advanced in terms of services of healthcare. Thus there is a considerable rise amongst the degree programs of medical along with dental assistance.  There is quite a requirement for the trained assistants amongst the dental professionals.  The tasks assigned to dental assistants comprise of checking records of patients and keeping them up to date. The duties of a dental assistant vary from state to state in accordance with their offices.

Educational Requirements

Getting a degree of dental assisting may have many probable options. These options might be benefiting to those having a graduate degree (according to some states). Other states do not prefer such regulations. People enrolled in high schools, who want to take it as a career for future purposes are required to take biology, chemistry and anatomy courses. It mostly takes 1 year or so to complete but elsewhere there are also 2 year programs as well that are being offered in community colleges. (Occupation Outlook Hanbook).

Career Outlook

Once you become a dental assistant, you might be in for a rewarding career that might ensure the possibility for a secure future and better life for you along with your household.  The work of dental assistants basically includes: (i) making the patients comfortable in the dental chair and briefing them about the procedures and treatments. (ii) Sterilization of instruments. (iii) Arranging materials and instruments according to the work area of treatment of patient. (iv) Assisting and handing dentists with appropriate instruments throughout procedures. (v)Making patients’ mouth dry with the help of suction hoses. (vi) Provide necessary information regarding dental hygiene to the patients. (vii) Arrangement of patient’s appointments (viii) taking care of billing and payments from the patients. (ix) Maintain up to date records and (x) Prepare temporary crowns and casts of teeth on the direction of the dentists.


It is the bread and butter that ultimately matters the most. For dental assistants, the median annual is a bit more as compared to those earning in other occupations. The annual wage for dental assistants in May 2010 was $33,470 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Having a degree of dental assistance may provide you tremendous opportunities to earn and gain the accredited benefits. The dental assistant training program might provide you with the opportunity to be a part of a rewarding career. From 2010 to 2020, dental assistants are expected to grow at a much faster rate, as compared to other occupations. The expected growth rate is 31% and is likely to be more than that depending on how fruitful it might turn out to be (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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