Pharmacy Assistant Degree Programs

The development of science has made changes in many aspects of life. Among them is the field of medicine. The field of medicine is no longer confined to the traditional approaches, but has now become a diverse field of study employing both the traditional as well as contemporary approaches. Today an online degree can help people in the cause of becoming a pharmacy assistant.

Pharmacy assistants are hired by a number of pharmacies and hospitals. In retail pharmacy, the work of pharmacy assistants is to look after cash and do the clerical work. The patients are given medication by the assistants. They are also responsible for stocking shelves in the hospital pharmacy. Most of the times, pharmacy assistants work in well ventilated, organized, clean and well lighted areas. Mostly they have to be on their toes during the hours of work. The work of a pharmacy assistant is like of a medical assistant.

Pharmacists, as many people believe are those, serving to the orders of the doctors and giving the medicine prescribed by them.  Nowadays, though pharmacists are working anywhere medicines are distributed, it is the work of the pharmacy assistant who is mostly required to do all the stuff, including selling and preparation of the medicines prescribed. Pharmacy assistants have to be capable to function as a team member. Capability to accept guidance is as well crucial; nevertheless the assistants should be capable to work all by themselves devoid of the command of the pharmacist.

Educational Requirements

For pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician, the candidate must have a proficiency in spelling, reading and mathematics. Furthermore strong background in health education and chemistry is a plus point. Mostly the employers are in search of experienced individuals. The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists has commissioned over 50 courses of study for the education of pharmacy technician. Proper programs of training are provided by a number of hospitals in addition to colleges of pharmacy, community colleges, vocational, technical colleges and proprietary schools. The society also proposes a recognized curriculum that necessitates around 600 training hours.


Pharmacy is a field that has helped man throughout the ages. Modern technology along with the traditional approach has thus made it more appreciative than ever before.  Thus the salaries have risen according to the progress of work in the field of pharmacy as well as in all the fields of sciences. In 2011, average salary was $112,160, while highest was $144,090 per year (BLS).

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