Dental Assistant Careers


Dental assistants are qualified individuals working in the field of dentistry. Like all the other specialists dental assistants are also are linked closely with dentists and operators and assist them in their quality work by performing tasks they have specialized in.

This field has a good scope, dental assistants are much preoccupied with their field that with little experience and skill, they could become qualified individuals serving patients. Places of work are dental hospitals or their private clinics in which they are employed on full or part time basis. Their strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills make the work effective and efficient and as per standards of the community.

Job Duties

A dental assistant performs important tasks like preparing patients, sterilizing the instruments, preparing different materials, instructing patients on different oral cleanliness and polishing and cleaning removable appliances. They also create models of teeth by taking impressions of the patient’s teeth. It is their foremost duty to help the dentist to the fullest when he or she performs dental surgeries. During their work they communicate with seniors or subordinates, observing equipment and also solve problems by detecting changes that are required to keep the business in a flow. Some other parts of their job are the use of computers in handling management tasks.

Salary and Job Outlook

Dentists may keep two or more dental assistants which is one of the reasons that this field is an ever growing one. More and more dental assistants are being employed by employers making the employment rate to rise up to 31 percent as shown by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Dental assistants could be employed as an unaccompanied dentist, in dental public schools but then they have to opportunity to go for a specialized field such as that of maxillofacial surgery. Another report says that dental assistants were given up to 297,200 jobs in 2010. The pay rate varies with specialization, experience and skills. We must also consider that the annual median in 2010, the pay of dental assistant was $33,470.

Education Requirements

To have personal satisfaction, flexibility and variety that comes by working as a dental assistant is of much importance but the education requirements need to be followed beforehand. First step is earning a dental assisting degree with certification. Proper training should be taken to gain as much experience of and on the job. This may increase the chances of employment as employers are looking for individuals who hold the required education certificate and an experience of working in the dentistry line of work. One way to be certified is by giving an examination that makes you certified. These requirements vary with states and one should follow all the prerequisites set to avoid problems.

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