Medical Office Assistant Degrees

There is an increasing concern regarding job security in the world of today. It is because of the fact that economy is not as favorable as it was in the past. Despite this fact, the field of healthcare is the one that continues to grow and facilitate people within. You don’t need to have a conventional degree today, as the option of an online degree is a feasible one. Thus you might easily continue with the education without having to take out time from your busy schedule.

The program for medical office assistants enables the students to perform tasks in hand in an effective manner. Medical office assistants differ from duties ranging according to their specialty i.e. administrative and clinical. The courses required to become a medical office assistant are billing, medical transcription forms, and terminology but can vary depending on the criteria set by your state or country.

Educational Requirements

To follow the dreams of becoming a medical office assistant, you need to have a GED or a high school diploma depending on the requirements set by your state or country. Other than that, there might be a few educational requirements that need to be followed.

Doing certification programs regarding medical office assistants might provide you with an added advantage of getting considered by the employees. On the completion of an accredited program, individuals are required to appear for an exam directed by National Health Career Association. You can also earn an online degree, to complete education without having to get away from day to day activities.

Job Duties

There is a world of difference between a medical assistant and a medical office assistant. The purpose of a medical assistant is to do administrative duties as well as clinical tasks by making use of hands on approaches. Medical office assistants work under the supervision of office managers or a physician.

They are responsible for performing administrative and clerical stuffs. They are responsible to maintain the files in an accurate manner and at the same time do medical billing and coding. Mostly, the work of a medical office assistant is of full time bit they may also be required to do shifts over weekends and evenings this will depend on the kind of responsibilities you are assigned by your employer.


Since the last decade the economies of the world are in a serious jeopardy. People are being made to resign from their jobs. Hence feeding families and sustaining a healthy living has become a big concern. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics proclaims that since May 2010, the wages received by medical assistants and medical administrators was $28,860 on yearly basis.

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