Healthcare Informatics Degrees

At the turn of the new century, information technology erupted and affected every walk of life. The field of medicine and nursing do not lag behind; new dimensions to this line of work were discovered and along came a new division of healthcare informatics. Finding a degree in this subject is not difficult, finding an online alternative is even easier.

You can undoubtedly state that a degree in healthcare informatics is where medicine meets information technology. With this an individual learns to tackle medical information effectively using IT based strategies and software. If you are a tech savvy than this field will bring blossoms to you, this degree will teach you to develop and use those tools that can help you present medical data, carry out medical decisions making and define medical language.

Educational Requirements

If you are hoping to find an entry level job perhaps as a medical informatics technician then an associate degree will be sufficient but for higher end jobs you will be required to complete your bachelors or even a master’s degree. All these prerequisites depend on your location and the choice of your school. If you are already a professional in such a field but want to heighten your chances of acquiring a higher salary and a good position, we can suggest you to opt for an online degree that can allow you to further your education level while fulfilling your professional and family commitments.

Career Outlook

According a prediction by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare sector is expected to contribute to one-sixth of the US economy which is also anticipated to increase by 20 percent in the following decade.

With a degree in healthcare informatics you will be able to get the right kind of knowledge on health care informatics, programming, systems analysis and design, database management, project management, decision support systems, network design /telecommunications, technology procurement etc. With such a technically apt educational program you can aim to get various job placements in hospitals, schools, research institutes, insurance, and technology consulting firm or even special clinics.

You will be asked to utilize technology to benefit the ailing as a Nursing Informatics Coordinator, Medical Informatics Project Manager, Medical Informatics Project Designer, Medical Informatics Researcher or Research Assistant, Medical Informatics Systems Analyst, Teacher or Professor of Medical Informatics or a Medical Database Administrator. Owing to the security concerns in this line of work, medical informatics specialist jobs are on a roll in countries like the USA in opposed to other jobs that are preferred to be outsourced.

Salary Outlook

The healthcare industry has realized the significant effect of technology and IT strategies to increase its efficiency and thus the demand for such professionals has increased exponentially. According to BLS average pay in 2012 was $32,350 per year.

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