RN Registered Nursing Degree Programs

Providing necessary aid to the disabled and helpless is perhaps the most satisfactory job on this planet. Humans today are unable to realize due to the pressure on their shoulders regarding job and family affairs. Despite that there are many who are still devoted to the cause and know that they need to help even though no one may be able to return the favor for their services. Among them is the role of nurses that purely aims to provide support.

The purpose of registered nurses is to educate patients regarding the conditions of health, coordinate and provide care to the patients, provide emotional support to the families of the patients. There are flexible schedules, bonuses, educational benefits as well as child care facilities that one might be able to enjoy if hired by a well established hospital, clinic or any other healthcare facility.

Educational Requirements

In order to be a registered nurse, the candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in science but that totally depends o the requirements of your state or country. The associate’s degree in nursing takes more or less 2 – 3 years for completion of the degree and is considered to be the most popular program. It is important that the students should pass examination of National Council Licensure according to the laws of the states in order to be a part of nursing environment. A lot of nurses prefer to engage themselves in becoming advanced nursing practitioners by obtaining a masters degree in a relevant field. An online degree may also help to serve the cause.

Career Outlook

In accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the anticipated growth from 2010 to 2020 for registered nurses is 26% as compared to the other jobs. The advancement of technology has allowed the nursing career to grow like never before. Today the treatment seems to be much easier as compared to that of the past. The opportunities for registered nurses on an overall basis are nothing short of being awesome. Registered nurses mostly work under the supervision of a team of healthcare specialists as well as other physicians and thus they are known to have the largest group of the workers of healthcare.


Life is all about the survival of the fittest. In order to earn the deserved amount of salary, it is important that you plan and perform in a most effective manner you can.  As the Bureau of Labor Statistics states, as of May 2011, average wage of the registered nurses on annual basis was $69,110.

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