Laboratory Science Degrees

Medical field is very diverse field that has come of the ages. As time has progressed, medical science has thus developed according to the enhancement of the technological aspects. The treatment of today is much more advanced as compared to the yester years. Today, the treatment of diseases is much more different than that of the past. Online degrees and certifications have further advanced the field of science.

During analysis of any diseases, one needs to test body samples and bodily fluids, this is where laboratory technicians come in, and their responsibility is to carry out all such tests under lab conditions. They are also required to collect samples.  In order to become one, appropriate education with significant skills is required. Technologists work in small as well as large laboratories depending upon their criteria of work as well as their specialization.

Educational Requirement

In order to become a medical laboratory technologist, you must at least have a degree of bachelors.  Usually, for technicians, a post secondary certificate or an associate degree is required. A few states also require licenses for to practice as a technician or a technologist. The students enrolled in a 4 year clinical laboratory are perhaps aiming for entering into the field. The skills of students enrolled are developed in administration, testing and research.

It usually requires 2-3 years of class room study for effective training. They are able to explore Toxicology, Immunohematology etc. You can also achieve an online degree depending on the feasibility and availability of time.

Career Outlook and Job Duties

According to BLS, employment in this field increased by 1.0% in 2011. Medical laboratory technicians and medical laboratory technologists have many and diverse responsibilities off their jobs.

The task assigned to the technologists is to perform more complex procedures and tasks as compared to the technicians. They are also responsible for supervising the technicians. On the other hand, the work of laboratory technologists is to analyze the fluids of the body and samples of tissues, use automated equipment and computerized instruments capable of logging information from medical tests and enter results into a patient’s medical record. As a laboratory technician you will also be required to operate sophisticated laboratory and also maintain the complex equipment along the way.


People work so that they are able to provide food and various other necessities for their family and for themselves as well.  As the Bureau of Labor Statistics website suggests, as of May 2010, average wage for laboratory technologists on an annual basis was $58,120, while highest salary was $78,160 per year.  So we can see a pretty decent amount coming out of a career as a medical laboratory technician.

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