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Since the birth of man, he has always been in the lookout for how to make himself better. He was afraid of getting ill and for this purpose gradually acquired skills that could keep him healthy and up to date. For this purpose, he has made use of every possible trick in the book since Stone Age. Today new technological improvements have taken over previously celebrated black magic, the gospels, and prayers. Thus there has been considerable easiness since the era of technology has taken over even opening the option of online degree and distance learning.

Dental hygiene health profession requires both evidence based practice as well as theory. It involves conclusions from social, behavioral and biomedical sciences along with the knowledge of dental hygiene. There are many career options for dental hygienists.

Educational Requirement

The educational requirement for dental hygienists requires dental hygiene associate degree, in order to get access into the field. It is important for dental hygienists to have complete education, minimum of two years of school. People can choose from dental hygiene certificates, bachelor and masters degrees. You can also avail an online degree in this field depending upon the time and pocket requirements.  A minimum of an associate’s degree or certificate in dental hygiene is usually what you require in order to get access to private dental offices. Usually, a master’s or bachelor’s degree in teaching, clinical practice, or research is the pre-requisite for dental hygiene. Dental hygiene is typically a four year bachelor program. The associate, bachelor degree program comprises on general education courses along with dental hygiene specifically. (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Career Outlook

From 2010 to 2020, the growth of employment for dental hygienists is expected to rise to 38 percent Among the top 30 fastest growing professions are also the dental hygienists. (Bureau of Labor Statistics). They have to look after teeth and maintain them accordingly. They are required to maintain and clean mouth, gums, teeth by flossing, periodic deep cleaning along with brushing. They have to make sure proper dental hygiene is being maintained. They are responsible to greet patients and fix appointments and maintain patient records.

Salary Forecast

The most important aspect in any human’s life is money. This is the most motivating factor that keeps the individual going. The highest amount paid to dental hygienists is $84,656, whereas mostly they earn between $47,257 and $70,345 a year (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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