Dietitian Career Guide


Dietitians advise people on what to eat and what not to and the field has showed immense growth in the recent years. They helps people to choose hygienic food or diet plan for a healthy lifestyle.  For this purpose, the role of dietitian is considered as an important one. You may become a dietitian with relevant education earned through an online degree or a conventional one, so make your decision today.

Education Requirements

Educational requirements of being a dietitian in United States vary according to the laws of the state you reside in. You could start off the process of education with an associate degree in science. Usually, candidates must acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in nutrition, as a minimum requirement. Besides that, candidates might also need a certification for an internship opportunity. This could be a chance for newly certified dietitians to learn from experienced professionals at work. Masters or Post-graduate Degree in dietetics and nutrition may also be an advantage to become more successful in this field.

Additional certifications could be earned from the American Dietetic Association. You may also opt for an online degree in nutrition rather than traditional one if you do not have enough time to manage all the tasks at a time. Your significant amount of money and time would be saved and you could easily enter in health-care sector to serve people.

Job Duties

The work of a dietitian or dietetic technician is to ensure that all aspects related to consumption of nutrition and food will enhance peoples’ health. The purpose of a registered dietitian is to bring awareness to people about the alternatives and choices regarding food and nutrition. They offer consultation privately and promote the concept of healthy eating. In addition, inquiring with cafeterias and restaurants to check upon healthy practices of food and nutrition is another responsibility of a dietitian. Moreover, dietitians working in clinical settings ensure that patients are diagnosed accurately and also provide them with specialized diet plans. An example of it could be a diabetic patient, who is recommended to have food that helps lower a high level of glucose in blood. Dietitians are also responsible for conducting research regarding nutrition and food.

Career Outlook

Dietitians usually work in health care and academic settings such as hospitals, care centers, prisons, colleges, universities, doctor’s offices and grocery stores. They provide consultation and advise patients in regarding healthy eating practices. Particularly, the dietitians work in the treatment of diseases related to dietary disorders. For a dietitian, it is all about choosing the best eating lifestyle for people. The salary of a dietitian may be considered as a reward for the dedicated services to their patients.

Salary Trends

As recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011, the annual median salary for dietitians and nutritionists was more or less $55,460. It usually depends upon the level of education and expertise.

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