How to Become a Dietetic Technician


Health-care industry has plenty of career options for students who wish to be a part of it. If you are interested to be a dietetic technician, to improve the health and well-being of people through proper nutritional planning, then give the career information a good read. A dietetic technician comes under the category of a paraprofessional who is responsible for supervising food production and related procedures. This career might be the right one for you, so plan today to become a dietetic technician. Depending upon your interest and career opportunities, you could specialize in food service management or nutritional care.

Educational Requirements

If you have decided to become a dietetic technician and do not have any idea where to start from, then an Associate Degree in healthcare from an accredited institution might be the best. However, dietetic technicians are expected to complete certification through education and training.

Students who are interested in acquiring a graduate level Degree should take courses in chemistry, biology, health occupations, physical education, psychology, algebra and computer. A dietetic technician program from Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics from a reputable institute might open the doors of great opportunities for you. An accredited nutrition Degree from a regionally accredited university is comparatively equal to a coursework program in dietetic technician. Finally, you are required to pass national examination prepared by the Commission on Dietetic Registration in getting registered and work professionally.

Job Duties

A career as a dietetic technician might become flourishing if you are able to understand its academic and professional requirements. The major focus of a dietetic technician is to assess dietary requirements, supervise institutional food production and prepare nutritional plans for patients. Moreover, dietetic technicians are responsible to evaluate and obtain dietary history and on such basis, plan nutritional programs. Dietetic technicians observe food intake of patients, assess and report progress rate. In addition, they assist dietitians in planning and supervision, conduct orientation, verify costs of food and beverages, and implement measures to control the increasing costs. Dietetic technician’s main focus would be to promote health care procedures and habits which will lead towards illness prevention and treatment.

Career Outlook

The job opportunities of a registered dietetic technician are similar to a nutritionist or dietitians. The ratio is likely to grow more till 2016 due to increased awareness of disease prevention and public health measures. A higher level of degree will increase job opportunities in this area. A dietetic technician has a great demand in hospitals, healthcare centers, community health centers, nursing homes, food related industries, government agencies, school systems and research and development centers.


According to U.S National Averages, a dietetic technician might earn up to $33,874 annually. Job opportunities for dietetic technician in health care industry become high with an experience of 2 to 3 years.

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