Requirements for Nutritionist Certification & License in Colorado

Being a nutritionist you could gain great knowledge about healthy food and diseases. It is because these practitioners are taught about hygiene, healthcare and research for better health standards; you could have a good advancement in this profession as well.

Certification in Colorado

It is a fact that Colorado is one of the 50 states of the US which operates by having no license board and statute for nutritionist. This means that there is no nutritionist certification in Colorado. To be more specific, this state is one of such states where you could use titles of nutritionist, nutritionist advisor or counselor without keeping in mind about professional studies and work experience. Your credentials do not matter, it is just that you should know how to operate as a nutritionist and that is all you need.

Why Board and Licensure?

Nearly every state in the United States has some kind of licensure requirements apart from few states where no board exists. The reasons for having a board representing practitioners are many. Among them one is that when a particular board operates in a place, it is responsible for all services that are being given to people.

If we talk about nutritionist certification then the board which exists in other states is responsible for taking care of the people of that state. They held this responsibility by ensuring that no individual outside work limit is allowed to practice. Practitioners might or might not acquire professional education. The board makes sure that all the people who practice this field are qualified and worthy for the post of nutritionist. If the board does not keep up with their rules, then people might bear the results. You never know that the person you are getting treatment from is approved and knows his or her work. For all these reasons, state boards keep licensure and strict requirements after which they can have proper titles for professional dietitians.

If you are a student planning to pursue this profession, studying this field or if you already have completed your professional studies then you should know that you might easily get hired in many reputed firms of the state. Some of the greatest healthcare employers are Exempla St Joseph Hospital which has 5000 employees and Memorial Hospital North which has nearly 4,200 practitioners working.

Accredited Colleges and Degrees

You should know that there accredited universities in this state could be a better option for acquiring good education. Some of the accredited educational institutes are:

  • Colorado State University
  • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver

You could easily avail bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science, master’s degree in nutrition and food science and PhD degree in nutrition and food science in this state.

It should be known here that nutrition degrees could be completed through Internet as well it facilitates in completing early.

Salary and Employment

You should know that the salary nutritionists earned in this state in 2011 was $53,270 per year and $25.61 per hour. These practitioners had as much as 910 jobs available in 2011 (BLS).

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