Massage Therapy Schools in Colorado

Being the 22nd most populous state, Colorado has maintained its reputation over years. The state has huge industries of health care, science and high-tech which constantly push the economy to a stable level. Among these, health care has emerged as a turnover; a great number of people are employed in this sector as there are many specialties to choose from. The highest employer in the state is Exempla St Joseph Hospital employing 5000 people.

If we look at the field of massage therapy, the therapists focus on providing therapeutic massages to soft tissues and joints. For this they have to look at their body moves, muscle’s strength and postures to develop plans accordingly. For a proper career in the field of massage therapy, you need to get enrolled in massage therapy schools in Colorado.

Degrees are a way to strengthen your position for a post. Colorado colleges of massage therapy offer numerous degrees in the field which could be earned at bachelors, master’s and even doctoral level. The degrees earned by students mostly in the state are of bachelor’s level and around 22.5% of the employees have this degree as their highest educational accomplishment. (nces.ed.go).

Massage therapists in Colorado are mostly employed in personal care services, offices of health practitioners, traveler’s accommodation, amusement and recreational industries, offices of physicians, ambulatory health care services, nursing care facilities and outpatient care centers.

There has been a gradual increase in the employment of massage therapists as the awareness to treat many physical ailments has increased in people. This has even given rise to the number of spas and massage franchises. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Colorado massage practitioners held about 2,220 jobs, as of 2011. The employment is said to have a percentage change of 19% till 2018. The average annual pay of these practitioners is $42,830 per year.

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