Pediatric Dentistry Assistant Career Guide


A pediatric dentistry assistant is responsible for improving the efficiency and flow of work in an office. It is basically a field that focuses on dental issues of babies, children and teenagers. Assistants help dentists in a lot of tasks related to children because they are educated, skilled and known to handle issues of teeth, jaws and gums of young patients. A career could certainly be fruitful by fulfilling the educational and certification requirements.

Job Duties

The pediatric dentistry assistant field is concerned with young ones including babies and children. At such a young age, their teeth are in the developing stage and hence may require treatment for any imperfect development. These children have different dental issues thus specialists in dentistry provide them services accordingly.

Pediatric Dentistry Assistants help in dental procedures, which is one of the primary tasks. Before the treatment they sterilize instruments and set them according to the treatment. During the procedures, they assist dentists by handing them instruments. By using special suction pipes, they can remove saliva from the patient’s mouth. Helping dentists in fluoride treatments or dental sealants is also an area where they these assistants can contribute. On the other hand, they keep a proper note of hygienic conditions by educating parents.

Pediatric Dentistry Assistants also show children how to brush teeth by stressing on regular brushing – for this they might have to educate parents about the difficulties a child might encounter. If we look at the administrative side, they are responsible for a lot of other tasks like greeting customers at the reception, writing dental issues and obtaining other information. Once this is done, they assist these customers by accompanying children to the operating room for their appointment. Other tasks might include being at the front desk answering phones and fixing appointments.

Career Outlook

This job is for people who love kids, know how to spend time with them and make them comfortable for treatment procedures. As per Bureau of Labor Statistics dentistry assistants held about 296,810 jobs in May 2011. The largest employers are dental clinics totally roughly 273,320 assistants. Other options may include dental hospitals.


The recent survey has reported that on average a Pediatric Dentistry Assistants earn $38,000 annually (

Education Requirements

Education requirements for a Pediatric Dentistry Assistant position are similar to becoming a dental secretary as reported by the American Dental Association.  At the high school level, students may take anatomy, chemistry and biology courses. Other programs are also available which almost take a year to complete which can leading to a diploma degree or certificate. Two years programs could also be done in which students are taught about teeth, jaws and gums. Certification requires two years work experience in dental offices for those interested to work in a well-reputed dental hospital or want to assist a dental surgeon.

The Dental Assisting National Board provides certification to become a professional with the title of Certified Dental Assistant (CDA). You can also opt for online dental assisting degrees.

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