Certified Coding Specialist Career Guide

Career Overview

A certified coding professional is one who practices healthcare field. They perform tasks of translating information of notes and records to a certain language for physicians and other specialists into coding system of numbers. When a patient comes to see a physician, medical coding professional creates reports and provides various services to patients. These documents in turn are looked by the CCS who reviews all the notes and then convert them to numeric odes. Benefits of applying codes are worth seeing and numerous. By adopting this process, improper medications and diagnosis are eradicated or reduced. Another advantage is that by utilizing these codes a medical billing person is able to correctly charge patient (or insurance firm) for services provided to him/her, ultimately reducing chances of inaccurate billing. Medical coding professionals typically work in physician offices, clinics and hospital care procedures.

Job Outlook

As mentioned above, main tasks performed by certified coding specialists are that they file records ensuring them as confidential, handling records to customers on their requests, data entry and insurance bill handling and generating training manuals. They also work as a link between the health clinician and offices of billing.

The estimated level of people employed as coding specialists and health information technicians were 180,280, in 2011 as per stats of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With factors like certification and experience level, the advancement opportunities are very favorable.


According to the salary search option of the indeed.com, the annual salary of coding specialist is$43,000, as of June 19, 2012. On the other hand, medical records and health information technicians earned over $35,920 annually in 2011, as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Education Requirements

There are certain steps for becoming a certified coding specialist. First of all acquiring education in medical transcription, healthcare technology, billing and coding, laws of health information is necessary. For this various accredited schools and college offer online and traditional medical billing and coding courses. An accredited institute is highly recommended as it may increase your chances of being employed by top employees.

For certification, one is required to pass a 2 part test. It consists of multiple choice questions which must be completed within four hours. Furthermore, individuals who already have 2-3 years of practical experience in health sector may get promoted to managerial positions.

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