Veterinary Assistant Degree Programs

Veterinary assisting is a field in which individuals look after animals. Care is provided to them so that they can stay in a good health. Experts from this field are called veterinary assistants. These people look after animals and provide utter care to animals of all sizes. These practitioners work in laboratories, hospitals and clinics giving a helping hand to veterinarian and technologists for the well-being of these living species. Individuals who have love for animals and want to care for them may pursue this career because it is one of the growing fields. Thus, the requirements to enter this field must be fulfilled.


Veterinary Assistants are in great demand for their quality work. They provide veterinarian and veterinary technologists services in a lot of procedures and tasks. Their work is to care for animals in such a way that they are protected and stay healthy and fit. These practitioners look after places where surgeries are performed and clean kennels and cages. During surgeries they pass surgical instruments and materials needed by veterinarians. They sterilize instruments and equipment to take care of the hygienic element. Once the surgeries are done, these assistants monitor animals to keep a check after their health.

Other than that, Veterinary Assistants give medications and immunizations following up the prescriptions of veterinarians. They have the responsibility to provide first aid to animals that are sick or injured. Furthermore, these specialists perform some routine tasks of taking laboratory tests including x-rays. They also take samples of tissue, urine and blood for testing. Other daily tasks include feeding and weighing animals whereas to check if animals have fever, they take temperatures as well.

Degree Programs

Associate’s Degrees

Students who acquire associate level degree are prepared to perform clinical duties in offices of veterinarians. They learn different features of health care, office administration, laboratory procedures and clinical care. Most associate degrees last for two to three years and the common courses taught are animal anatomy, animal physiology, veterinary medical terminology, animal nursing and veterinary office procedures.

Bachelor’s Degrees

A bachelor’s degree prepares students to gain business management skills and make them competent in the field. Thus, this is the reason that many business courses are also offered in this degree. Bachelors degree is for those who already are veterinary technicians so it takes 2 years to complete. Common courses taught are business law, veterinary facility management, advertising, veterinary human resources and organization.

Career Opportunities

The employment opportunities for Veterinary Assistants are expected to grow by 14% in the coming eight years, predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The employment status shows that these practitioners held about 72,530 jobs in 2011. They are generally employed in other professional, scientific, and technical services, colleges, universities, and professional schools, scientific research and development services, social advocacy organizations and general medical and surgical hospitals.

Salary Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual pay of Veterinary Assistant is $24,430; the top 10% earn $34,970 per year.

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