Surgical Technology Schools in Idaho

According to the Association of Surgical Technologists, the average hourly wage for a Surgical Technician in Idaho is $18.65 in 2013.  This is higher than some states and lower than others but, it is still much better than what a job flipping burgers will pay.  Idaho isn’t a state you move to in the hopes of getting rich.  Idaho is a state where the quality of life is measured by the friendly people, beautiful scenery and low pollution levels.

In order to enjoy the healthy, tranquil and relaxing lifestyle Idaho offers, you need to be able to pay your bills.  A career as a Surgical Technologist is a great way to pay the bills and have a little money left over to enjoy the good life with.  According to, there are four accredited schools in Idaho that offer degrees in Surgical Technology. While Boise State University offers Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs, Kaplan University, College of Southern Idaho and Eastern Idaho Technical College only offer Associate degrees.

Fortunately, an associate degree is all you need to find a great job as a Surgical Technician.  At first glance, Kaplan University is a great option because the coursework can be completed online which means you can easily fit your educational goals into your existing home and work commitments.  Unfortunately, the program is only available to military personnel.  If you are a reservist or actively serving and looking to get a jump on a career after discharge, this is perfect.  If you are a regular citizen looking for a better, more rewarding career, you will need to select one of the other schools and possibly rearrange your schedule.

While Boise is the largest metropolitan area in Idaho, only Boise State University is located here.  The College of Southern Idaho is located in Twin Falls and Eastern Idaho Technical College is in Idaho Falls.  This makes it easy to find school near you.

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