Spa Therapy Degree Programs

Spa therapy attempts to improve over all well being of a person through therapeutic treatments. They apply relaxation therapies and improve one’s health and fitness levels while working with other therapists. Spa services are diverse and vary in nature since their origin. In recent times, beauty and nail service therapies are popular. Other such practices include hair dressing, detoxification and pain relief. Body and head massage as well as electrotherapy treatment are becoming more popular lately. The process involves a measure of holistic therapy, nutritional intake and first aid.


Spa therapists perform massages in order to relieve tension or aid in the management of pain. These therapists’ treat patients through body scrubs, in which they rub away dead skin and puts the body at ease. They even provide services of body wraps that help one get detoxicated, improve the function of internal organs and encourage weight loss. With therapeutic baths they allow for the removal of decaying skin, scales and cleaning of injuries as cuts.

Spa therapists are also required to promote and encourage the overall well being of individuals which is among other benefits of the therapeutic treatment. They have to make sure of a highly relaxing atmosphere for their clientele. They make clients leave behind daily hectic stresses in order sustain health. These therapists make sure that every client leaves with a sense of revitalization and reinvigoration after their treatment.

Degree Programs

One must attain minimum diploma or certificate course to work in this field.  Studies include learning the lymphatic drainage massages through which lymph that are unnecessary cells in the human muscular system, are excreted from body. One also learns how to be able to use various oils and natural based chemicals in providing aromatherapy which is aimed to bring a person in a relaxed altered cognitive state.

Furthermore, students learn about the methods to apply reflexology massage techniques and the regions of the hand and feet connected to human organs.

Career Opportunities

Spa therapist could join various spa centers. As a professional aesthetician they take on the responsibility to advice on skin care and treatment of various skin issues. This service requires one to perform customized treatments for maintaining and correcting features. As professional massage therapists they have to apply their abilities in relaxing and medically treating individuals with physical ailments. They have the responsibility to care for injuries and apply their medical knowledge to alleviate tension and pulled muscles. The employment rate of these therapists is projected to grow more by 22% till the year 2020.

Salary Trends

The average salary for spa therapists in the United States on an annual basis is $45,000. The top 10% figure is $63,600 per year. (

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