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The state of Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest of United States. It is ranked at 13th among 50 most populous states of the United States. It is also ranked at 18th among the most extensive states of the country. Its economy comprises of tourism, design and manufacture of aircraft, automotive, computer software development, telecom, biotechnology, electronics, and production of aluminum, mining, real estate beverages, and retail.

Rehabilitation therapy  in Washington is considered as one of the most significant areas of health care industry. The purpose of rehabilitation therapists is to provide quality services for the betterment of patients suffering from injuries, old age and mental problems. Their services help in avoiding incapacitation either a temporary or a long term one. They are also familiar with the terms such as interactions, preventive health-care measures, drug properties, symptoms, and treatment alternatives. They are accompanied by the team of professionals who provide services and guide patients how they could maintain health once they leave the premises of the hospital.

Rehabilitation therapists could further be categorized as language therapists, psychologists, speech social staff, and activity therapists. As therapists, they look after people suffering from head injuries, spastic paralysis, cardiovascular disease, low-back pain, arthritis, and fractures.

In order to pursue a career as a rehabilitation therapist candidates may require master’s degree in this discipline. University of Washington Medical Center, National Rehabilitation Hospital and The Washington Hospital are some of the employers that hire trained and qualified professionals to assure quality services to clients or patients. As stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the employed therapists of this field were 9,130 in 2011. The annual median salary for a rehabilitation therapist is $18,000, according to an authentic survey of 2012. (

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