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The state of Utah is located in the western region of United States. Utah stands at 34th spot among the most populous states nationally. Nevertheless, the state is ranked at 10th spot for being least densely populated state of the country. The economy of Utah depends upon petroleum as a major industry in eastern Utah. Besides petroleum, mining and tourism are also considered as the economic pillars of the state. It has been witnessed that rehabilitation therapy careers in Utah are growing with the passage of time and may be considered as one of the most important fields in health care sector.

Rehabilitation therapists help patients in recuperating from the disabling condition, recovering from surgery and injury. The treatment provided to patients results in healing brain, nerves, bones and muscles. It helps in avoiding permanent or a temporary disability. They are accompanied by a team of health care professionals. These therapists should know about how to restore the function and physical mobility of an individual. They are also categorized as psychologists, occupational therapists, speech social workers, and language therapists. They provide information regarding safety, and exercises once the therapy is completed. Rehabilitation therapies may further be categorized as outpatient therapies, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, physical therapy, recreation therapy and acute therapy services.

For becoming a rehabilitation therapist in Utah, you might required a formal college degree. The ideal requirement is a masters degree which is highly sought by the employers of the state. The Rehabilitation Center in the University of Utah Hospital and HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Utah are some of the popular employers to work with. According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment level of rehabilitation therapists was 620 in 2011. The annual median salary for a trained therapist in Utah is $80,000, in 2012 (

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