Rehabilitation Therapy Schools in Rhode Island

Even though the state of Rhode Island is the eight smallest state of United States in terms of population, yet it has not held back in ensuring the health and betterment to its people. The state makes sure that its residents are healthy enough to be able to work together to lead positive lives as members of the community and make the state prosper.

In order to improve the efficiency of health care sector an effort has been made towards promoting rehabilitation therapy schools in Rhode Island. These careers are encouraged in order to strengthen the fragile medical infrastructure of the state in order to deal with health issues more effectively. These therapists are trained to cure physical injuries, mental issues and addictions of different sort. They provide such services in hospitals, health care centers, private clinics and community health centers.

The Women’s Infant Hospital situated in two regions of the state happens to be the most significant and largest health care employer in Rhode Island. It has over 6,200 employees which includes various forms of therapeutic care providers. In order to be a part of a health care team as a rehabilitation therapist one must earn at least a master’s degree. The higher the educational level the more opportunities for employment might be there for qualified individuals. This is another reason why one prefers to earn a PhD degree program. Different types of therapists required in this state are physical, substance abuse even marriage and family therapists.

The median income earned by rehabilitation therapists in Rhode Island in the year 2011 was $79,900. In the next six years the expected employment of these therapists might grow by 21% ( With a great history in creation of silver and jewelry the state needs a healthy workforce to help sustain its industrial efforts in, electronics, plastic textiles and rubber.

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