Rehabilitation Therapy Schools in New York

New York, known as a highly advanced state of Untied States is the 3rd most populous state. Its economy has been thriving more with the passage of time to ensure welfare to a large population. The state has gigantic businesses expanding more by leaps and bounds in health care, social assistance, production and exports. With such industries making their mark in the business area, the rehabilitation therapy degrees in New York gain more popularity.

Individuals who have just finished their master’s or doctoral degree may become a crucial part of one of the top hospitals of New York serving the inhabitants of world’s most glamorous state. This is another reason why people in New York do not want to shut themselves in houses due to any injury or illness. At this stage only a rehabilitation therapist could help them lead a healthy life with their unsurpassed services. These therapists spend time to assist patients overcome any kind of addiction and also deal with psychological issues and withdrawal.

It is an extremely challenging and demanding job with a bright future prospect. Individuals could volunteer for outreach programs which will boost their demand in the respective field. They might get associated with top hospitals of New York, as one of them is Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell in New York. It is ranked 1st nationally for having 14 adult specialties and it is also performing high in 2 adult specialties, one of them is rehabilitation. Other than that, these therapists might work in halfway houses, homeless shelters, welfare agencies and state community departments. Their employment rate is projected to grow by 28 percent till 2020, as per Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Rehabilitation therapists earn an annual income of $87,000, in 2012. Areas to work for rehabilitation therapists are numerous, therefore, those who want to become a part of a fast paced lifestyle of New York to serve people could start their career in rehabilitation therapy.

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