Rehabilitation Therapy Schools in Nevada

The state of Nevada is known to be a tourist attraction and has invested largely for improving the well being of its residents. Nevada has earned substantially from gambling and other forms of catering services. It has made great efforts in preventing its constituents from alcohol and drug abuse. This is among the few states that have strict laws for possession and use of marijuana. The state has also spread awareness regarding the use and control of alcoholism through seminars and group meetings which makes the presence of substance abuse rehabilitation therapists essential.

Students who have finished their studies and are looking to avail bigger and better opportunities must go through the employment ratio of rehabilitation therapy careers in Nevada. They would be amazed to see the demand these therapists have in this state. The largest health care employer is the Renown Regional Medical Center that has around five thousand health care personnel.

To be a part of any health care organization as a rehabilitation therapist requires individuals to have a master’s in one of the specialized areas of therapy from accredited rehabilitation therapy school. One could become a teen substance abuse rehabilitation therapist who aids in the recovery of individuals with alcohol or drug abuse issues. Physical therapists are a necessity for any health care organization or hospital, as they have to make sure of the quick and complete recovery of patients from various physical ailments.

There is an expected increase of 31% in the employment of physical therapists in the state of Nevada in the next eight years. ( The level of health conscious activities made functional by the state could be witnessed by the wide ban on smoking. Hence, therapists who are in search of work could give first preference to Nevada as there were 450 therapists employed in the year 2011, as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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