Rehabilitation Therapy Schools in Colorado

The state of Colorado is the 22nd most populous region among the 50 states of U.S. It has great industries that contribute to the booming national economy. On the other hand, service and industrial sectors have responded favorably and expanded during the recent years.

Moreover, high-tech, scientific and health care industries are eminent for good employment concentration. Rehabilitation therapy college degrees in Colorado might be a good way to step into health care sector and individuals could experience a fair growth. These therapists provide treatment services to individuals who are sick, ill or have health problems. By conducting various rehabilitation programs, therapists treat people including the ones who are addicted to drugs. Colorado’s largest employer is Arrow Electronics Inc with an employment level of around 15,700 people.

Degrees that are generally required by employers for therapists’ positions are masters and doctorate but here in Colorado, the highest level of education preferred is a bachelor’s degree. Other practitioners who have acquired a master’s degree are also in demand but the typical education needed for entry is a doctoral degree. Therapists could work in many settings including acute care clinics, private clinics, universities and schools, hospitals, independent living centers and drug and alcohol treatment centers.

In Colorado, therapists might even work with scientific and high-tech industries at federal level as some huge federal facilities operate in this state like NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and United States Air Force Academy. Qualified specialists could be hired by these industries as they are more concerned about the health of their employees. The employment rate in this state for these therapists is 28% whereas their projected employment is 4,600 till 2018. The annual number of job openings due to a constant growth and replacement is 140. ( The annual pay of rehabilitation therapist is $87,000 in 2012. (

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