Rehabilitation Therapy Schools in Alaska

As geographically being the largest state of the nation rich with natural resources, Alaska has made an effort to assist its residents that require therapy of one form or another. The state has taken on the responsibility of ensuring overall health to its constituents which is why there are various opportunities for individuals looking for a career in health care industry and top schools offering accredited programs in this field. Rehabilitation therapists are experts that professionally assist and direct patients recovering from mental or physical health issues. They aid patients with poor health being caused emotionally, psychologically or even physically.

Rehabilitation and treatment centers in Alaska mainly deal with substance and alcohol abuse as well as marriage or couples therapy. Providence Health & Services is the biggest health care employer in Alaska as it serves five communities of the region.

Many accredited schools and colleges in Alaska offer formal college programs in rehabilitation therapy. The educational requirements for rehabilitation therapy career in Alaska vary according to the type of therapeutic treatment for patients with divergent issues. In order to aid individuals suffering from a substance abuse or alcoholism, one might require a master’s degree. Occupational therapists help individuals recover from emotional, physical, mental and even psychological instability to function in a normal and more satisfying manner in their professional careers. With qualifications in therapeutic treatment one might gain employment in health care facilities like clinics and hospitals. They are even employed by the state or health insurance providers.

The number of therapists employed in 2011 was 360, as stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The annual income, as of 2012, for these therapists in Alaska is $78,000 annually ( The state of Alaska is home to some of the beautiful landscapes and has a great ecosystem. However, the cold climate and lack of sociable activities could result in substance abuse issues or depression. To deal with such cases there might always be a need of skilled therapists.

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