Rehabilitation Therapy Schools in Alabama

Alabama being the 23rd most populous state of United States has been investing majorly in health care sector to ensure persistent health to its people along with countless opportunities to those who seek maximum professional growth. The road to enter rehabilitation therapy careers in Alabama is quite smooth. A rehabilitation therapy professionals heals and treats patients suffering from an illness or injury. This particular treatment is also directed towards drug addicts to help them live without any dependence. It includes various types of therapies which assist people recover from severe health problems and challenges to normally function in society. The state has the largest state government employer known as UAB trauma center where 18,000 workers have been employed to serve thousands of patients at a time.

In order to facilitate the population of Alabama, aspiring candidates must have a solid educational background. An associate or graduate degree would have less chances of success than a master’s or doctoral degree in this field which focuses more on research and clinical practices. Therefore, students with a master’s or doctoral degree might get employed in community rehabilitation programs, state rehabilitation programs, schools and universities, halfway houses, residential care facilities, independent living centers, correctional facilities, private facilities and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

With such wide areas to work the employment outlook for these therapists seem to be extremely favorable in the near future. The percentage of employment is projected to grow by 28% till the year 2020, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ( Trained therapists of this field earn $87,000 annually in 2012. ( In Alabama more attention is paid to sustain the quality of life of its inhabitants suffering from various disabilities. With a skyscraping success of steel, aerospace and electronic industries the health ratio of employees might decrease due to work overload and competition. It ultimately makes space for rehabilitation therapist to step in and ensure quick and proper recovery of employees who encounter mishaps or such incidents at workplace.

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