Radiology Technician Schools in Texas

Radiology technicians are one of the fastest growing professions in the medical field. They play important roles in a hospital’s successful operations, working side-by-side with nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, and other professionals. Their critical role requires a solid education. Going to one of the accredited schools in Texas may prepare you for your entry into the medical world.

Austin Community College District

In the Austin area, the Austin Community College District is a huge school that offers most degree programs. With more than 40,000 students, classes are big and generally a larger ratio to faculty than smaller schools. However, their vast resources allow students to personalize their educational experience. Research is a big area of interest at Austin Community College. Part of students pay goes directly towards labs and clinical study programs they must complete.

The Baptist Health System School of Health Professions

The Baptist Health System School of Health Professions gives a different feel. Their classes are smaller, with a ratio of students to faculty of 16 to 1. Being a private school, the application process is stricter and the tuition is costlier. The average price for a radiology technology degree is around $23,000. Financial aid is available to qualifying students.

Galveston College

Another good school program is Galveston College. It is a public institution but has the private college feel, with small classes and a focus on individualized attention. A little over 2,000 students attend the college. Most notable is Galveston’s experience as a two-year school that has the opportunities of a four-year school. A strong community vibe comes with hosted events to bring students together. Galveston is perfect for those who want complete a shorter degree but still enjoy the big college experience.

Choosing a radiology school doesn’t have to be stressful. Come up with a list of those aspects that are most important to you and compare schools that meet your criteria. With a bit of research, you can make an informed decision about your choice to join the ranks of medical professionals as a radiology technician.

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