Radiology Technician Schools in Nevada

The radiology technician schools in Nevada offer programs in the radiology technology field at the University of Nevada, Southern Nevada College, Pima Medical Institute, Great Basin College and other institutions. The application process for admission is simple at some of the institutions, requiring only an assessment test. Universities and some colleges may require students to pass the ACT or SAT exam before being admitted. Most institutions in Nevada have a financial office to discuss the costs of tuitions and provide assistance. Each school has its credit hour requirements to complete radiology technician programs.

Most certificate programs can be completed within six months to one year; depending on the institution. An associate program can take two years to complete and bachelor programs can take four years. When students successfully complete a bachelor’s degree program, he or she can continue an education to receive a master’s and specialist degree. There is room for advancement in the field after completing a certificate or an associate. Students can work as a radiology technician and continue education to become a licensed radiologist one day.

Radiology Specialties

The entry level of radiology begins as a radiology technician or technologists. There are schools in Nevada that offer radiology and technician programs with similar curriculum. Most schools in the United States require students to complete specific anatomy, physiology, radiologic technology and radiologic ethnic courses. Students can study Computed Tomography, X-ray, Mammography and/or Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Each specialty program offers certification and prepares students for state registration in Nevada.

Successful radiology technician graduates can work in hospitals, emergency clinics and other medical institutions. The annual wages for employed technicians in the state is above average. According to the United States Dept. of Labor and Bureau of Statistics, the average mean wage in May of 2012 was $62,590. During that time there were over 1,300 employed radiology technicians or technologists in the state of Nevada. Most radiology technicians work forty (40) hours weekly with the exception of overtime hours when mandatory by certain health care facilities.

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