Radiology Technician Schools in Missouri

In Missouri, the opportunities in the radiology technician and technology field are achievable with various colleges, universities and technical schools. The employment was approximately 4,800 certified radiology technicians in May of 2012, according to the United States Department of Labor Bureau Statistics. Students can specialize in radiologic technology, computed tomography (CT), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or mammography. There are programs available at the University of Missouri, St. Louis Community College, Missouri Southern State University and other schools throughout Missouri. Students can earn a certificate, associate, bachelor and eventually a master and doctorate degrees if desired.

About Radiology Technicians

Radiology technicians, also known as radiologic technologists, CT technicians, MRI technicians and Mammography technicians have a range of duties and responsibilities. To become a radiology technician a student must complete a certificate, associates or bachelors program at an accredited school in Missouri. While in the program, the students are required to complete courses such as, Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Practice and Radiographic Technology with a C grade or above. Upon completion of an accredited radiology program, students may become a registered Radiologic Technologist by passing the ARRT’s (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) examination. An education is rewarding in the radiology profession with opportunities to work in hospitals, clinics, health care centers, doctor’s offices and mental facilities at entry level to specialist level.

The Duties of a Radiology Technicians and Technologists

Radiology technician graduates are prepared before entering the field to demonstrate professionalism, standards, competence and critical decision making. After training, certification and registration the graduates are ready to perform the following duties and responsibilities in health facilities;

  • An important characteristic of all radiology technicians is to be understanding and caring to all the patients’ needs to provide quality and safe imaging.
  • The technician is required to inform the patients of the imaging process and to help prepare the patient for imaging.
  • Record patient’s medical history and respond to patient’s inquiries.
  • Works closely with radiologists and physicians to interrupt images.
  • Radiology technicians are required to operate and maintain imaging equipment; including x-ray, CT and/or MRI.
  • Provide protection for non-imaging of patients’ body parts.

The field is promising and provides students with the opportunity to advance in his or her career. The average radiology technician or technologist can earn up to $50,000 in the state of Missouri.

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