Radiology Technician Schools in Mississippi

The Great State of Mississippi is well along on the road to recovery and employment prospects in radiology technology are looking especially bright.  As a gulf coast state Mississippi is no stranger to hurricanes and tornadoes. These natural events often cause significant damage when they strike.  Mississippians are a resilient people and rarely let these natural occurrences interfere with their life for very long.  In 2011, however, the severe flooding that occurred along the Mississippi was more than many could take.  Recognizing that it would be a couple years before the effected land could be fully utilized again, many relocated out of state.  Now that land along the Mississippi River is returning to normal, Mississippians are ready to return and take up their regular activities.

Radiology professionals were hit hard by the 2011 disaster.  According to, Mississippi saw employment opportunities for this field drop by an astonishing 76 percent.  Most of this can be attributed to the migration discussed earlier.  Looking at this situation today, it is clear that there are emerging opportunities for radiology professionals in Mississippi as people return and new residents arrive.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 22 percent growth in the diagnostic radiology field by 2018 and Mississippi is sure to be responsible for a significant portion of it.

Before you can help fill this need, you must earn an Associate degree in Radiology Technology form one of the nine accredited schools in Mississippi.  These schools are located throughout the state and often offer applicants some form of financial assistance.  Scholarships and grants are the preferred assistance for most students but student loans are often easier to secure.

Once an Associate degree in Radiology Technology has been awarded, you will need to pass the Mississippi state licensure exam.  Everyone working in the medical field is required to pass some form of board or licensure exam before they can seek employment in their chosen profession.

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