Radiology Technology Shcools in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is one of the most popular states to live and work in along the Eastern seaboard.  In addition to the prolific role the state played in early American history, Massachusetts is home to some of the greatest professional sports teams in America.  The Boston Celtics are a franchise with a storied and vibrant history.  The Patriots are one of the NFL’s premier football teams’ year in and year out.  In addition to athletics, Massachusetts is also one of the nation’s leaders in health care technology, particularly radiology.

Massachusetts is home to 19 accredited radiology technology schools according to  Seven of these schools are located in Boston where most of the state’s professional teams call home.  The radiology technology degrees available in the Bay State include Certificate, Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees.  While not every school will offer each degree, they will all prepare you for an exciting and lucrative career in the medical field.

Radiologists in Massachusetts earn significantly more than those in similar professions.  As of 2010, the mean salary for a radiology technology professional was $97,720.  There are several medical jobs a radiology technology degree will prepare you for like x-ray technician, MRI Technician and Ultrasound Technician.

Once you have earned a degree in radiology technology, you will need to pass a licensure exam to practice in Massachusetts.  This is a standard requirement for nearly all medical related professions throughout the US.  While the coursework and degree from the radiology school will certainly provide you with the knowledge needed to practice, passing the licensure exam can be a stressful and gut-wrenching prospect.  Some of the radiology schools will offer special courses for degree holder designed to prepare them for the state’s exam.  In Massachusetts, the State Department of Health administers the licensing exam.

As a licensed radiology technician, you might find yourself diagnosing sports injuries for the Red Sox or Super Bowl Champion Patriots.

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