Radiology Technician Schools in Maryland

There are ten radiology technician schools in Maryland. Students who want to pursue a career in this field can obtain a radiology technology certificate, an associated degree or a bachelor’s degree in radiology technology.

The schools are spread out throughout the state. Schools are located in major cities such as, Salisbury, Cumberland, Columbia, Rockville, and Baltimore. The state offers three percent of the country’s radiology technicians, with around 13,670 professionals working in the state, out of the 510,470 working in the country.

The field has shown a slight shrinkage over the last few years, but the rate is much slower in Maryland than compared to the nation. The median salary for a radiology technician in Maryland is around $165,880 a year in 2010. That is a large jump from the mean salary of $90,465 a year they earned in 2006.

A radiology technician is skilled in conducting specific imagery, such as MRI’s, CT scans, X-rays, and Ultra sounds. The technician can be specialized in one specific area of imagery, but have certifications in all. The technician needs to know how to position the patient in order to get the best picture for the doctor who ordered the testing. The technician is responsible for ensuring the safety of the patient before, during, and after the testing is complete. Some radiology technicians are requested to assist the doctor in reading the results of the test.

A radiology technician is not to be confused with a radiologist. A radiologist helps to treat disease using radiologic technology, such as with cancer patients receiving radiation treatments.

In order to become a radiology technician, you need to earn an associates or bachelors degree in the field. You must also pass a state test in order to become certified to work in the state you choose. If you want a career that is rewarding, offers great benefits, and is fast to obtain, look into the radiology technician schools in Maryland.

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