Radiology Technician Schools in Maine

A career as a radiology technician can be exciting, rewarding, and come with great benefits. The field of study trains you to properly conduct various medical imageries, such as CT scans, Ultra sounds, X-rays, and MRI’s. You will be taught how to properly place a patient to get the best images, how to understand the readings, and even given the ability to help doctors read the images when requested. A radiology technician is responsible for the patient’s safety while in their care, so they are given the tools to protect the patient during the imaging process.

The course of study offers various options. You can obtain a radiology technician certificate, a bachelor’s degree in radiology technology, or an associate’s degree in radiology technology. The two to four year course is offered at various radiology technician schools in Maine. The state offers four accredited schools that offer the radiology technician degree and certificate. The state requires graduates to pass a state exam in order to begin their career, and the schools help to ready those graduates so they can achieve a passing score and begin working right away.

The radiology technician schools in Maine include Southern Maine Community College, Kennebec Valley Community College, Central Maine Community College, and Eastern Maine Community College. The schools are located in Fairfield, Bangor, Auburn, and South Portland, making them spread out enough that everyone in the state has a school close enough to attend.

The state of Maine makes up about one percent of the working radiology technicians in the country. There are about 2,800 radiology technicians in Maine, and there are about 510,470 in the country. In 2006 the median radiology technician salary was $98,370 a year. In 2010 the median salary for a radiology technician jumped to $217,700 a year. The salaried grew over 50% in just four years. The pay scale is pretty even for all of those in the field.

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