Radiology Technician Schools in Kentucky

Kentucky is a destination in the United States to select radiology technician schools. There are over fifteen accredited schools in the state to receive a radiology technician certificate or degree. Students who successfully completes a program can seek employment with licensed medical doctors, community hospitals, labs, clinics and technical consulting firms. Radiology is a field that incorporates technology of imaging equipment. Students learn how to operate different types of equipment such as, tomography, mammography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Radiology technician is an exciting career for students to learn technology and the fundamentals of radiography. Colleges and universities in Kentucky including Morehead State University, Ashland Community & Technical College, Northern Kentucky University and ATA College offer radiology programs to students who qualify for admission. To complete the program and become a radiographer, the student must maintain a passing grade in all electives and core courses. Radiographers are required to have certification to perform radiology procedures to patients.

Some of the core radiology courses included in the radiology technician curriculum are Foundations of Pathological, Healthcare Ethics and Compliance & Regulation Requirements. Other course requirements are psychology, anatomy, physic, clinical radiation, procedures to perform radiographic and physic of radiation. The objective of the radiology technician program is to provide knowledge in professional medical terminology, radiation safety and precaution, healthcare ethnics and procedures to perform imaging.

Can graduates with a certificate and degree find employment in Kentucky as a radiographer? According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics, in the state of Kentucky the employment is over 4,000. The statistics reveal there is opportunity available as a radiology technician. The annual wage average for radiology technicians and radiographers is approximately $48,000.

Graduates with a certificate or an associate can complete a radiology program within eighteen months to two years. There are schools in Kentucky that have a job placement office to help students after completing a program. Job placement helps students find employment upon graduation with industries like trauma centers, hospitals, nursing homes, community, institutions and other health facilities.

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