Radiology Technician Schools in Iowa

The medical profession is a global demand for hundreds of specialties including radiology technicians. In the United States, Iowa offers educational training to become a certified radiology technician. There are eight recommended accredited schools (community colleges, universities and technology) with radiology technician programs for undergraduate students. Unlike other medical professions that require years of studying and training; radiology requires less time and lower tuition costs to complete a certificate and an associate degree program. The maximum time to complete a program is two years.

Students are advised to select an accredited school to leave room for continuous education in the radiology field. Salary and promotions are sometimes based on academics, experience and certification. Companies and industries hire radiology technician based on those requirements. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics estimated employment in Iowa at 2,700. The specialized radiology techs receive an average mean salary of approximately $46,000 (2012, May).

What are the responsibilities and duties of radiology technicians?

One of the most important duties is ensuring the imaging procedures are conducted according to standards and regulations. Imaging procedures such as x-ray can be harmful to the radiology technician and the patient. It is very important that the techs follow all procedures properly to avoid harming other body parts. The radiology techs are obligated to protect the patient and themselves during the imaging procedure.

The technicians have to be mentally and physical prepared to work with patients. Hours are spent moving, lifting and moving patients during work. Before the procedure, the technician explains to the patient about the procedure, type of imaging equipment, and proper positioning. The ultimate duty of radiology technicians is to conduct the imaging procedure with ethics to ensure it is safe and correct. The results of the procedure is crucial to physicians diagnosing and treating patients.

Radiology technicians works under the supervision of medical physicians and/or radiologists. The skills requirement consist of equipment technology to perform MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), mammograms and x-rays. Technicians are trained in mammography, MRI and tomography imaging processes.

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