Radiology Technician Schools in Illinois

Radiology programs are offered at educational four year and two year colleges in Illinois. The employment for radiology technicians is high in the majority of states in the United States. In the state of Illinois there are approximately 8,400 radiology technician employed (U.S. Department of Labor Statistics). Some of the highest paying industries are doctor’s offices, medical labs, insurance industries, outpatient care centers, colleges, medical schools and universities.

Illinois has over thirty accredited schools to attain a certificate, associate, bachelor, master or Ph.D. Most of the educational institutions have a financial office to assist students with tuition requirements and an admission office to help with acceptance requirements. The radiology technician schools in Illinois are: Central College, Roosevelt University, Elgin Community College, Southern Illinois University, Heartland Community College and other known schools.

The Northwestern College in Chicago offers a two year program. The program includes a four (4) term the first year and a three (3) term the second year. The radiology technician curriculum includes courses such as, radiography fundamentals, radiographic procedures, medical terminology, radiation protection, clinical, radiographers, mathematics, imaging systems, anatomy, physiology, radiation physics, introduction to psychology and other important courses. The students must maintain a passing grade to become certified and complete the radiology technician program.

After completion of the programs at most of the vocational schools, colleges and universities; the students are prepared for clinical radiographers, reading and interpreting radiographic images and its evaluation. The students are taught how to communicate effectively to interpret and read images. The curriculum for educational institutions may different depending on the program type. For instance, an associate degree program may be different from a bachelor degree program. The bachelor, master and doctorate may differ as well at some of the educational institutions.

Illinois is filled with radiology technician opportunities to begin a career or obtain employment. Radiology technicians normally work directly under the supervision of Radiologists. Most certified technicians can find employment in most states in the United States. The annual wage mean in the State is higher compared to other states and the pay is outstanding.

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