Phlebotomy Degree Programs

Compassion counts a lot for when it comes to working in the healthcare sector. If you think you have what it takes to comfort someone during his ailing then a career in phlebotomy is best suited for you. And to get a head start in your career you can even opt for a fast paced mode of education i.e. online learning.

There are many professionals that work together and run a facility that is efficient in providing healthcare to the ones in need. Do you know that a technician that draws out blood for lab tests or blood transfusion is called a phlebotomist and is a vital link between your disease diagnoses and its treatment? If you harbor a patient, dexterous nature and attend to details of your work, then we suggest you can combine these traits and craft out a successful career for yourself and fulfill your ultimate calling of helping others.

Educational Requirements

It so happens that in many countries and states one has to obtain a license to practice phlebotomy but this will entirely depend on the choice of your school and your location.  And it is often that phlebotomists need to have on-the-job experience as well with classroom training but most of them do prefer to earn at least an associate’s degree. Perhaps an online bachelor’s degree might interest you if you are seriously considering pursing phlebotomy as a career in the long run.


Any degree program that you select for yourself will require you to have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, immunology and medical terminologies. A few degree programs might also teach you concepts of hematology, clinical chemistry, medical ethics and blood banking. This way you will be fully equipped to aim for a job in all kinds of blood banks, natural disaster camps, and clinical laboratories. With such a degree you can also hope to find medical assistant or clerical posts with physicians, chiropractors and podiatrists.


A phlebotomist salary can be earned either on an hourly basis or the usual monthly basis. This will depend on your location and your job nature as well. For example if you enter the blood campaign at a junior college you will be paid hourly, up to $ 22.44 per hour. On the hand a permanent job might get over $50,000 on an annual basis. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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