Pharmacy Technician Schools in Virginia

Pharmacy technician schools in Virginia offer a variety of programs to pursue a certificate, associate or bachelor degree. Each program are completed within six months up to four years. A certificate program can be completed in approximate six to eight months and an associates program can be finished within two years. The bachelor pharmacy program can be completed within four years. Most students who want to pursue a pharmacy technician certificate or associate, attend a community college, technical college, vocational school and/or university.

In Virginia 8,940 pharmacy technicians were employed, according to the United States Department of Labor Statistics, May 2012. The opportunities for employment is promising upon completion of a pharmacy technician program. Pharmacy technicians are employed at medical hospitals, retail pharmacy stores, retail stores and supermarket pharmacies. The average mean salary for pharmacy technicians is $29,350 annually.

Pharmacy Technician Curriculum

The curriculum for pharmacy technician programs are different for some of the schools. Most programs require the fundamental of pharmacy training. For instant, Richmond School of Health & Technology in Richmond, Virginia course requirements are Principles & Practices of Pharmacy Technician, communication skills, mathematics and pharmacy management software. Everest College in Chesapeake training program for pharmacy consist of course studies of the human body and the how drugs affect the nervous system and physiology. Other schools that offer pharmacy technician programs are Central Virginia Community College in Lynchburg and ACT College in Manassas.

The Job Obligation of a Pharmacy Technician?                          

The job obligations of a pharmacy technician are the following:

  • Works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.
  • Measures and dispense medicines.
  • Manage payment applications.
  • Record and maintain patients’ information.
  • Inventory maintenance of medicine.
  • Re-stock shelves.
  • Effective communication skills.

The job obligations of a pharmacy technician may differ according to the industry or company. For an example, a pharmaceutical company may require different obligations than a retail pharmacy store. A pharmacist technician employed with a pharmaceutical company may include research and record keeping. A pharmacy technician employed with a retail pharmacy store job obligations are recording patient’s information, managing payments, measuring medications and managing inventory.

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