Pharmacy Technician Schools in South Dakota

South Dakota is a Midwestern state roughly cut in half by the Missouri River. The western half of the state is sparsely populated, featuring  big Indian Reservations, ranches, and historical centers and other tourist attractions. The eastern half features farms and small towns. The eastern half of the state offers far more job opportunities for pharmacy technicians than the western half. The service sector is the state’s largest industry, particularly the health care, retail and finance industries.

Pharmacy Technicians

A pharmacy tech is a trained specialist who assists a pharmacist in filling prescriptions. Other tasks might include keeping records, taking stock of inventory, sterilizing instruments, waiting on customers, phoning insurance companies and delivering medicines. Most techs work in retail pharmacies, but others work in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities or research labs, so the specific duties of pharmacy techs depend upon the type of setting they work in.

A pharmacy tech should ideally be a proficient typist who is comfortable with accounting software, data entry software and Microsoft Office. Techs should be dedicated, responsible and organized, and should possess math skills; the safety and health of pharmacy patients demands that all measurements for their prescription drugs be accurate.

Pharmacy techs in South Dakota must register with the state, but they aren’t required to gain certification, which means they don’t necessarily have to go to school. But most pharmacists can only legally employ one or two techs, so it usually isn’t cost-effective for a pharmacist to spend the time necessary for training a tech. Many pharmacists therefore only hire certified techs. A certified tech normally has an easier time getting hired and usually starts out with a higher pay rate.

Acquiring certification as a pharmacy tech is much easier than it is for many other professions in the health care industry. The training programs at many schools can sometimes be completed in as little as six months to a year.

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