Pharmacy Technician Schools in Rhode Island

The licensure requirements for a student in Rhode Island pursuing his career as a pharmacy technician include a good moral character, a minimum age of eighteen years with the exception of those high school students working in pharmacies as part of school programs, the student being a high school graduate or currently being enrolled in a high school or vocational training program that awards such degree or certificate, no convictions of any felony for violations involving controlled substances on the student, and lastly the student must currently be enrolled in a board approved pharmacy technician training program.

The community college of Rhode Island provides a comprehensive certified pharmacy technician program which is designed to teach students the fundamentals and particulars of being a pharmacy technician. The program is geared toward a variety of students including those interested in becoming pharmacy technicians, pre pharmacy students or those with a health care background looking to strengthen their current skills. In this course students will be taught various pharmacy practice settings and will cover drug classes, basic physiology, drug interactions and daily pharmacy operations. It may help train individuals to effectively assist in pharmaceutical preparations and complete daily required tasks in any pharmacy environment, although on the job training is still a part of pharmacy training. This course also prepares students to take the national certification exam. Also, students might be thoroughly trained in the basic concepts of pharmacy calculations. Thus, students may have the opportunity to understand and practice math concepts and calculations needed to become a certified pharmacy technician.

Some Pharmacy Technician Schools in Rhode Island are Lincoln Technical Institute, Ashworth College and The College of Technology. As a Pharmacy Assistant, students are taught to assist the certified pharmacist in preparing medicines according to the doctor’s prescription, putting proper labels in the medicine bottles, stocking the medicines on the shelf and dealing with the clients and their insurance issues. Pharmacy technician schools in Rhode Island provide various training programs having a duration varying between six months to two years.

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