Pharmacy Technician Schools in Kansas

Kansas is a Midwestern state that contains the geographic center of the contiguous forty-eight states. The western two-thirds of the state is relatively flat, lying in the great central plain, while the eastern third—which is part of the Grain Belt—features hillier terrain. Kansas is a leading agricultural state, with its main crops being wheat, sorghum and sunflowers. Kansas also features the production of oil and natural gas, though those industries are on the decline. Aerospace is another major industry in the state.

Pharmacy Technicians

Certified pharmacy technicians do some of the same tasks as a pharmacist, but the pharmacist has to over-see and supervise their prescription work. Techs are qualified to wait on customers.

Hiring pharmacy techs allow pharmacies to save health care costs, making it possible for smaller drug stores and grocery pharmacies to stay in business, which in turn makes it much more convenient for customers to obtain much-needed prescriptions. Hospitals and other health care institutions also employ pharmacy techs, allowing these institutions to keep their health care costs down.

With more and more companies and hospitals deciding to hire pharmacy techs, the demand for techs is continuing to grow. This is especially true because of the fact that customers are living longer than ever before, thereby increasing the numbers of elderly people who need pharmaceuticals.

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician in Kansas

Normally, a pharmacy technician must have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. Other requirements vary by state; most states require the passing of an exam, and some require a formal training program. But even in states with few requirements, techs with training usually have a better chance of landing a good job.

Many vocational schools and community colleges in Kansas offer training programs for pharmacy techs that award certificates. Most of these programs last one year or less and cover subject like math, record-keeping, pharmacy law, ethics and dispensing pharmaceuticals. Technicians are also trained in the uses and dosages of medications.

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