Pharmacy Technician Schools in Pennsylvania

Students enrolled in the program of pharmacy technicians in Pennsylvania are taught how to accept and screen medication orders, prepare labels and medications, maintain drug inventory quality and labels, perform insurance billing, prepare admixtures and compound medications and maintain patient records to participating in quality control processes. Students who are preparing themselves for a career as a pharmacy technician are also taught to exhibit a professional demeanor; have effective oral and written communication skills; an aptitude for math and science; be self directed and responsible for their own actions; motivated to learn; work effectively as a member of the health care team; enjoy working with others as well as receive constructive criticism and take verbal direction; understand and respect patient confidentiality issues; understand medical terminology and the knowledge of computer operations.

Some Pharmacy Technician Schools in Pennsylvania include Allied School, Fortis Institute and Ashworth College.  Certification is not required to be a pharmacy technician in Pennsylvania as national certification only provides recognition of your knowledge and skills and may make you more marketable, particularly to the large chain pharmacies. Neither is registration or licensure required to become a pharmacy technician. By law, training is not required, but generally a supervising pharmacist will oversee initial and ongoing on the job training. By law the pharmacist will create and maintain a written protocol for each pharmacy technician employed in the pharmacy.

Pennsylvania provides little guidance for those wanting to become pharmacy technicians; therefore, it might be wise to join the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association, the state professional association for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Also, a technician may only perform pharmacy functions that do not require professional judgment, and the supervising pharmacist will be responsible for all actions of the pharmacy technician.

To become a pharmacy technician in Pennsylvania, a student is required to enroll in an accredited program for pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technician training is offered at trade schools, colleges and online. Certification is not necessary but is a solid foundation before considering training as a pharmacy technician. Secondly, the student should take the ExCPT examination which is nationally recognized and grants the student the title of Certified Pharmacy Technician. A student is then fully capable to search for a technician position at a reputable pharmacy in Pennsylvania.

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