Pharmacy Technician Schools in Idaho

Pharmacy technician schools in Idaho provide a learning environment for students to learn pharmaceutical techniques and the basic fundamentals. There are over twenty five schools to receive an associate’s degree or certification as a pharmacy assistant and technician. Students have a selection of programs to begin a new career with extensive training through classroom, lab and internship settings. The wages and employment rate are reasonable for entry level training.

Pharmacy technicians earn their professional title at accredited schools after passing certification exams. There are two institutions in the United States that recognizes the examinations; ICPT (Institution for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians) and PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board). Large industries and some retailers may require certifications to apply for tech positions in pharmacy. Although it is not a requirement for all companies that hire techs, it is beneficial with higher pay and benefits.

Idaho State University, College of Southern Idaho and Milan Institutes offer pharmacy assistant programs with the option to attain an associate, bachelor or certificate. Interested students must check with the school to ensure it’s accredited and have the program available before enrollment. There are schools such as, vocational and technical that isn’t accredited. If a student wants to continue their education after a few years of working in the pharmacy industry, the school must be accredited.


The schools that provide internship are valuable for students before entering the workforce. The internship prepares undergraduates with hands-on training. It reinforces what was taught in the pharmacy technician program and tests the student’s knowledge in all areas. Schools that offer internship are sometimes posted on its website. If it isn’t, the student should inquire.

Internship is experience and it helps to build your resume. Employers are likely to hire graduates with formal training during internship. Experience plus certification is a bonus in the job market for pharmacy technicians. Presently the state of Idaho employs more than fifteen hundred technicians. The mean wage is $29,000 up to $32,000 annually (U.S. Dept of Labor). Companies that offer internship to college students usually hire them after the program is completed.

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