Pharmacy Technician Schools in California

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Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities

Pharmacy technicians help process pharmaceuticals under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. Pharmacy techs work in a variety of locations; the most common worksite is in retail pharmacies, but some work for hospital pharmacies, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers or third-party insurance companies.

Though the specific duties of pharmacy techs can vary according to their workplace, they normally help to fill, package, label and inventory pharmaceuticals. They also sterilize equipment and instruments.

Techs who work in a hospital often dispense pharmaceuticals and medical devices to patients and instruct them in their use. They might also adjust ointments and other medications in order to meet the needs of particular patients.

Techs who work in retail settings talk to customers about their medications and perform administrative duties, such as reviewing prescription requests with doctors’ offices and insurance companies to make sure the correct medications and payments are received. They might also talk with customers on the phone to remind people to take their medications on time.

Pharmacy technicians in California must possess a current pharmacy technician license.

Job Pay and Opportunities

Job opportunities for pharmacy technicians are expected to increase because of the added pharmaceutical needs of a larger and older population. According to the Department of Labor, California offers one of the nation’s highest average rates of pay for pharmacy techs. California’s median yearly salary (as of May of 2012) for pharmacy techs was $39,150, as opposed to the national average of $30,430. California’s median hourly rate was $18.82, while the national average was $14.63.

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