Pharmacy Technician Schools in Arkansas

Arkansas is a southern state with a diverse geography featuring dense forests, two mountain ranges and two river deltas, thus offering an abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Arkansas, though traditionally known for its cotton, rice and poultry, has diversified and modernized its economy; it now features its aircraft, steel and tourism industries.

Duties of Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in their daily operations in preparing, cataloging and delivering pharmaceuticals. A pharmacy tech can work in a retail pharmacy, grocery store, retail shopping franchise or hospital. The exact duties of a pharmacy technician can vary depending upon the employer and the setting, but some of the most common duties are as follows:

  • Filling and labeling prescriptions
  • Controlling inventory
  • Keeping records of prescriptions
  • Sterilizing equipment and instruments

In addition, pharmacy techs who work in retail sales might need to wait on customers and work the cash register. Techs who work in hospitals might need to learn to compound creams, liquids, and powders for the specific needs of particular patients.

Qualifications for Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy tech candidates need to be good at general math so that they understand conversions, and they need to be familiar with pharmaceutical terminology. They must be clear-headed, responsible and well-organized, as they’ll be dealing with medicines that can harm patients if improperly mixed. They have to be able to follow written and oral instructions closely. They also need to be in decent physical shape, because they’ll be on their feet a lot, and they’ll be required to maintain good hygienic habits.


Pharmacy technicians who work in urban areas are apt to make a better salary than those who work in rural areas. Those who work in hospitals and those who have prior schooling also tend to make a significantly better wage. According to the Bureau of Labor website, the average pharmacy tech in Arkansas makes a median salary of $26,190 or, if getting paid by the hour, $12.59 per hour. The national averages are $30,430 and $14.63, respectively.

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