Pharmacy Technician Schools in Arizona

Arizona is an arid state in the Southwest, known for its deserts, mountain and canyons—particularly the Grand Canyon. About 85% of the state is publically owned, in the form of Indian Reservations, national forests, national monuments and state and national parks. Arizona offers many scenic attractions for tourists. The economy is largely based upon transportation, health care and the various levels of government.

Duties of a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians aid pharmacists in the processing and distributing of pharmaceuticals. The particular jobs that a pharmacy tech is allowed to perform vary from state to state, depending upon state regulations. But in general, pharmacy techs help weigh or count medicines, package them and keep records on them. Techs also normally are in charge of maintaining a clean and organized work environment, including the sterilization of equipment and instruments.

A tech’s duties can vary according to whether the tech is working for a retail outlet or a hospital. For example, most techs who work in retail outlets will have to know how to wait on customers and handle cash registers. Those who work in hospitals usually need to know how to compound pharmaceuticals, altering them to suit the special needs of particular patients.

Requirements for Pharmacy Technicians in Arizona

Unlike many states, the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy offers two types of licenses for pharmacy technicians, one intended for trainees who are receiving on-the-job training from a licensed pharmacist and a regular license for certified pharmacy technicians. On-the-job training can take anywhere from three to twelve months. The trainee license isn’t necessary for those who are able to gain a regular license without it. Training programs at schools can usually be completed in three to twelve months.


According to Bureau of Labor statistics, the estimated 2012 median yearly salary for pharmacy techs in Arizona is $32,240, nearly $1800 higher than the national average. For those who are paid hourly, the median is $15.50 in Arizona, compared to the national average of $14.63.

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