Occupational Therapy Schools in Wyoming

Wyoming might be a relatively quainter region of the United States of America but Mother Nature has blessed it with many treasures. Wyoming has a lot of natural resources as half of the nation’s coal deposits are located in the state. It is also the second largest supplier of natural gas to the nation. It ranks fifth in the country in the supply of crude oil. Other valuable mineral resources in Wyoming territory are uranium, trona and diamonds.

Wyoming state regulators have reinvested the wealth for the betterment of the state and its residents. The government of Wyoming realizes that natural resources will eventually diminish which is why the welfare of the state constituents is necessary to facilitate them in the future. This is the main reason why there are plenty of medical schools and colleges that are becoming popular. Occupational therapy schools in Wyoming are also part of these schools.

An occupational therapist has the ability to lead individuals that are unable to perform routine functions. One must earn a master’s degree in occupational therapy to gain proficiency in this area. In this program one learns the psychological changes that occur with the physical disability or injury which could eventually become a hurdle to perform work or daily routine tasks.

As reported by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 250 employed occupational therapists in the state in 2011 while the annual mean salary earned by a therapist was $64,360 in the same year.

There is an expected 26% rise in the employment opportunities for occupational therapists in the coming 6 years in Wyoming (acinet.org). The largest private employer of these therapists in Wyoming is Wyoming Medical Center (braintrack.com). The largest health care employer in the state is the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. One could be employed in rehabilitation centers or ambulatory care services after gaining a licensure.

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